if I was on my laptop I would put the video on but since I’m on my phone here’s the link

( svensthorgren)

aaah seb made one! and weirdly he’s using the same gatsby remix that I recorded at this edm concert i went to last weekend and posted to my insta

so why haven’t all my favorite skiers and snowboarders been nominated for the ALS ice bucket challenge yet


i’m still taking a break from tumblr but i logged on just to see how my blog was doing. i surprisingly still have a lot of activity and haven’t lost any followers. you guys are the best :-)

ok so this is the last post for now.
i think i need a break from tumblr. i kept this blog extremely updated back in February and March but as the months have gone by my dash is becoming less and less of what I want on it, and I would like to keep a theme on this blog. my daily posts of over 50+ a day have trickled down to my queue posting only 5 a day. i mainly come on here now only from mobile to fill up my queue so it doesn’t run out, searching for posts to fill it with.
I’ll be back in soon