so why haven’t all my favorite skiers and snowboarders been nominated for the ALS ice bucket challenge yet


i’m still taking a break from tumblr but i logged on just to see how my blog was doing. i surprisingly still have a lot of activity and haven’t lost any followers. you guys are the best :-)

ok so this is the last post for now.
i think i need a break from tumblr. i kept this blog extremely updated back in February and March but as the months have gone by my dash is becoming less and less of what I want on it, and I would like to keep a theme on this blog. my daily posts of over 50+ a day have trickled down to my queue posting only 5 a day. i mainly come on here now only from mobile to fill up my queue so it doesn’t run out, searching for posts to fill it with.
I’ll be back in soon


Patiently waiting for Mcmorris & Mcmorris season 2 be like


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